Talent Intention

Employment concept: people-oriented, morality-based, bringing out the best in people, and putting the right man in the right position

People-oriented: Respect, understand and care for others. Adopt humanized operation to mobilize each employee's enthusiasm, initiative and creativity and create continuous vitality for the development of the company. Care the employees, treat employees well, and provide the staff with necessary training and exercise to achieve real mutual development between the staff and the company.

Morality-based: "De" refers to the ethical and moral characters. Convince and educate people with morals. The company's daily operations are centered on "morality". The company lays particular emphasis on moral education to the staff.

Bringing out the best in people: The Company tries to provide the staff with a relatively relaxing environment and suitable positions to maximize the employees' initiative and creativity, and tap various talents of the employees, so that employees can exert the biggest strength in the company.

Putting the right man in the right position: The Company adopts the principle that use the capable ones, replace the average ones, and relief the incapable ones, and provides good training opportunities to enable the employees to adapt to the post. When filling the vacancies, the company will consider the employees that have been hired first of all, and then recruit.

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